Make your TikTok brand page popular and raise loyalty of your customers
TikTok for Brands
What is TikTok for brands?
From ideas scratch to final results
TikTok for brands is a full cycle of TikTok content production
We shoot and edit videos with popular TikTok bloggers based on creative ideas developed by our team
Then we post videos in your TikTok brand page
Your brand or products will be integrated in every video
TikTok success formula that every brand should know and implement
If you follow TikTok trends and keep posting more videos with professional TikTok bloggers everyday your videos get more views and go in trends of TikTok.
TikTok Algorithms check your page activity and show your videos to more people.
As a bonus 10% of all shot videos are posted in bloggers accounts with brand account mention @ in each video description.
We provide additional traffic and new audience for you!
Video packages
120 TikTok videos
30 TikTok videos
60 TikTok videos
Let's talk about ideas for your TikTok brand page
Followers in TikTok
Our Team with proven experience ready to help
Social media development specialist. Worked in Social networks in China (抖⾳), Russia (YouTube), Thailand (TikTok). Knows how to make a product popular throughout Asia.
One of the best content creators in Thailand. She knows how TikTok works, knows the psychology of users, knows how to make the viral video and how to attract attention to any brands in social media.
Founder and Blogger Coordination director
Business development director
He is the best in: video, sound, light, editing. Now he is controlling entire team and check the results.
Video production director
Roman Ro
Developed and promoted TikTok product for brands in European region
Product owner
Art Pirozhkov
Words proved by our cases with international brands
How we work
Creation and approval of creatives based on Tiktok trends
Pre production
Development of roadmap and project schedule
Selection and coordination of TikTok bloggers
In a month 10% of videos are posted in bloggers accounts with brand account mention @ in each video description
Video editing
Posting finished videos to brand account
Shooting the project with TikTok bloggers
TikTok video shooting organization
Let's make your TikTok brand page popular